L’Belle Paris magazine is an entertainment magazine that circles around Business, Culture, Entertainment and Lifestyle in general. We have released four editions and are about to release the fifth in August 2020. In these editions, amidst other entertainment subjects, we have interviewed and written about Africans who are successful in their various endeavors. The magazines are primarily available in France and Nigeria at the moment.


Our mission to continually celebrate the prides of Africa birthed the vision for the annual L’Belle awards. This way, we will be able to showcase more success stories in a single night and promote the integration between France and African countries. Most of our nominees are based in France and it is our belief that by reason of an award of this nature, people will get to know the boundless opportunities in France and how it remains a nation of equal opportunities.
Our first ever Awards event, in the previous year, was chaired by the Nigerian Ambassador to France – Dr. Modupe E. Irele who graced our event. We also partnered with and received support from the Nigerian Embassy, UNESCO, FON and Fidossi Wines towards making the event a true success, with amazing delegations from these organizations in attendance.


The theme for the L’Belle awards this year is – World of Colors. This theme is inspired by the rich cultural diversity that exists across the African continent with regards to the people, languages, ethnicity, traditions, ability, nationality, religion, resources, history etc. We plan to celebrate the beauty in this glorious diversity while shining the light on Africans who are making impact around the world.