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Best of all worlds: Engineering, Business and Music

Nigerians in the diaspora are making the country proud on a daily basis. The exploits are limitless, ranging from Technology to Education to Business just to name a few. L’Belle Paris spoke to one of the pride of the nation, Adeola Soyemi, a graduate of one of the top business schools in France, EDHEC Business School. Adeola’s story is a peculiar story, one that will interest and most definitely motivate the younger generation that is looking to bring Nigeria to the forefront.  Adeola is a 25-year-old Nigerian from Ogun State. She is the first of 4 children. Having bagged first class honors in her first degree in Information and Communications Engineering from Covenant University Nigeria in 2014, she proceeded to work in the Technology and Business Consulting industry, occupying roles such as Functional Consultant, Business Analyst and Project Manager as well as running her own businesses and non-profit firm.

In the year 2017, Adeola won the Total International Scholarship to be one of the eight awarded scholars from Nigeria. She went on to pursue a second degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the prestigious EDHEC Business School in France. During her postgraduate studies, Adeola made so great an impact that L’Belle decided she is definitely worth being celebrated. She was top of her class, bagged two awards at her graduation and read the pledge. The first award was for her graduating as the top of her class and the second was EDHEC Engagement Award for contributing outstandingly to the MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management and the School by the organization of the TEDxEDHECBusinessSchool – the first of its kind in the school’s  history, thereby building a legacy for future generations.

When asked how it felt to be top of her class and receive multiple accolades during the graduation ceremony, she said and we quote “It was very humbling, and it still is. It was a surreal moment. I am grateful more than anything to have achieved that. Being the top of my class was surreal! I felt truly blessed. More than that, I think my biggest win would be all the things I have learned from having connected with my classmates, friends, team members, and faculty, who were from many different countries around world with so many experiences and  really interesting perspectives and approach that would stay with me for the rest of my life.  And my time there has set me on my current path, I remain grateful”

On the choice of the second degree in business having had a first degree in engineering and how she was able to excel in both fields, she says it was not really that much of a stretch because she has always had a flair for business. She has a rich background in business endeavors from launching her own business to supporting other startups. She has helped some startups in Nigeria with business strategy and growth opportunities, She has also started and run some businesses (including a soap making business and an IT Consulting Firm) in the past. 

Apart from the academic and career exploits, there is still more to this bright and promising African lady. Speaking about her passions and other endeavours, L’Belle realized that Adeola is also a singer/songwriter and recently released some songs about Freedom and self under an EP – Call ME JACK which can be found on all music streaming platforms. She has also been involved in some interesting and exciting projects like being part of a Magazine team during her undergraduate studies at Covenant University, being the project manager for a music talent show, being a director of an online Vlog, etc. She also loves traveling and her exploits have earned her the nickname “Ajala”.

Additionally, Adeola is passionate about people, empowering them to be their better selves. She has worked with several nonprofits to achieve this and co-founded ‘The Reckint Initiative’ basically helping young adults and teenagers to prepare for their future careers through mentorship and counseling. Her advice to anyone hoping to make exploits in their own niche is to define a path and take control of their narrative.

Lbelle Paris

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