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Celebrating Africans who are successful in the diaspora.

In our 5th edition of L’Belle’s education article aimed at celebrating Africans who are successful in the diaspora, we would be celebrating:

AJAYI IDOWU ISEOLUWA. Iseoluwa hails from Ogun State, Nigeria and was born as the last child into a family of six children. He did his primary, secondary and tertiary education (first degree) in Lagos State, Nigeria. He recently graduated as the best graduating student at Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris (ISEP), one of the foremost digital electronics schools in France, where he studied Wireless Telecommunications and Internet of Things.

When asked how this academic journey started, Iseoluwa mentioned the fact that he completed his primary, secondary and university education in Nigeria as the overall best student at all stages and was a beneficiary of about nine scholarships from international bodies and companies such as Exxon Mobil and Total. He said he had always dreamt of also becoming the best student whenever he studied abroad. His 2 years journey at ISEP began after being awarded a Total International Scholarship in 2017. 

Describing the feeling of being the “Major de Promotion” and giving the graduation speech in a truly international school with students from all around the world, he said it was humbling. When asked the secret of his academic success, he was quick to state that in as much as hard work and diligence are prerequisites, the most important factor for him is God. As a believer, he attributes all his academic and professional achievements to God, without whom none of them would have been possible.

Currently, he is doing his PhD research in Telecommunications Security, thanks to a grant co-funded by ISEP and L’Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR), the French body managing all radio frequencies in France. When asked for his other plans in the nearest future, he mentioned that he recently founded a tech start-up, which will be launching a mobile application on android and iOS platforms in the latter part of 2020. He is grateful for the professional experience he has gained over the years working with several multinationals such as Exxon Mobil, KPMG, iBrowse and Dufil Group.

He had the following to say to others out there hoping to have academic and professional successes; Always strive to be the best in whatever field you are passionate about. It does not matter if you are home or abroad, work hard and never settle for less. Believe in yourself but never become full of yourself.

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