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While the rest of the world was rounding up 2019, finishing deadlines, reading new year resolutions from the beginning of the year and rushing to see which ones could still be completed, participating in end of year festivities, spending time with family and friends, sketching out new years resolutions, etc, China, Wuhan to be exact, was battling what we would now come to know as the Corona Virus.

On the 31st of December 2019 World Health Organisation (WHO) reported the first cases of a previously unheard virus in the eastern Chinese city which many people had never heard of before but has definitely become a household name, Wuhan. It was given the official name by WHO on the 11th of February, Covid-19 and by the 11th of March it was declared an epidemic.

The Corona Virus not only shook the world, it halted everything and turned the world upside down, no one expected the year to go like this and neither did anyone see this coming. Different countries responded to the pandemic in different ways, we saw countries respond with speed and agility thus dealing with the pandemic with force; some countries lagged behind in controlling the spread of the virus and it reflected in the rising number of cases; some countries proved unequipped to handle a pandemic. One thing was for sure: everybody was affected by this unknown force. Miscommunication was heavy, conspiracy theories flying high, some people were convinced the virus originated from 5G internet somehow; some believed it was a hoax and the government had a scheme; some believed it probably did exist but wasn’t as important as was advertised. Confusion was certainly a large theme, we heard we shouldn’t wear masks, then we should only wear them a certain way. Finally, it was mandated that we must wear masks.

Multiple countries went into lockdown one after the other, zoom and Skype calls skyrocketed; parties and events were placed on hold till further notice; only essential workers were permitted to be out everyday; schools were closed and children were expected to learn from home although some children lacked the equipment to properly do so. Airports were shut down leaving people stuck in and out of their countries. People started hoarding groceries because it wasn’t clear what exactly was going on, flour and tissue amongst other things flew off the racks faster than they could be restocked. The air was filled with uncertainty and worse of all the people meant to guide us seemed just as confused and clueless as we were. However time did speed past us, days rolled into weeks, weeks into months and now somehow we’re in the middle of July. A lot of countries and cities are opening back up because some have seen a reduction in cases while others feel the need to because of the state of the economy. These are surely unprecedented times that created rippling effects. Some people lost their jobs as certain businesses and companies had to downsize (wether temporarily or otherwise); some people couldn’t sustain the work and learn from home implementation; over 13 million people contacted the virus, with over 5 hundred thousand deaths worldwide; several people with other health conditions felt neglected by the over worked health staff; people lost their loved ones and couldn’t bury them properly; some people’s mental health state suffered amongst other things. However some people found light in this same tunnel. Certain people reported to prefer working/studying from home as they were more comfortable; some people saved money as restaurants, bars, shops, malls and the places were temporarily closed; some people enjoyed the extra time they got to spend with family and/or pick up or perfect skills and hobbies.

The future has proven itself largely uncertain, although a lot of airports and businesses are opening back up its still very uncertain when we will be able to return back to normalcy or at least a more ideal version of normal.

Lbelle Paris

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  1. What a time…..
    We all have learnt a lot during this period.

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