I just created a new genre of music: “SoundAfrique” – Muma Gee

  • Who is Muma Gee ?
    If you let me speak from an outsider point of view, I will say Muma gee is a sensational and stylistic fashionista, who promotes Africa and Africans through her music. Mama Gee is one who believes she has been created to impart positively into the lives of others through her songs, a woman in totality ; a mother, fashion designer, song writer, cook and nanny. I studied Theatre Arts and I have a diploma in Business Administration from UNILAG. I also contested for House of Representatives in 2015.
  • What have you been doing in recent times?
    I have been doing a lot of recordings so I will say my fans should be on the look out. I have created a new genre of music that I called “SoundAfrique”, just like you have salsa, afrobeat, etc., now you will have sound afrique from Mama Gee.
  • What sport do you participate in and who is your favorite ?                            I love swimming so much and I also participate in it, so it is my favorite. I would say I follow any female athlete who is doing well in sports like the Williams sisters, for example. I am in full support of women empowerment but that is not to sound like a feminist. I pray women do well in sports and music industry which are men dominated.
  •  How do you balance your music, fashion and political life ?
    It requires placing priorities and ensuring it does not affect my family. I have people who support me so much, most especially my mum who helps in taking care of my children. With all of these I don’t have much time for my social life.
  • Do you have any formal musical training?
    Not at all. I started singing as a child. My mum is also a talented singer and she still sings but in the church. As a child at age 4 my mom will always teach us songs. So all of that got into me and it is in the blood as well, so no formal training. Music is a spirit so while performing you are putting on a whole spirit that builds you up and gives you energy to carry your fans along.
  • How has the Parisian experience been for you ?
    Paris is my second home after Africa. I have close friends who always welcome me whenever I am in Paris, the likes of Alero and Lexy Mojo Eye.
  • What does your work aim at ?                                                                                 A singer is like a vessel, different messages come from singing, it could be a message of positivity, drug abuse awareness, unity, peace, etc. The empowerment of women is very key to me probably because of my background as an African, so the message of keeping and encouraging women to be strong is also very key for me.
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