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In The Search of Myself

In the search of myself, in the search of my identity

I can’t leave beside my story, the black community’s Black has been suffering, black has been mourning, Black has been in pain, black has been dying

From the times of slavery to the times of so called liberty And today, black is trending

More than a moment

It is a movement, black lives matter is

The shout of those who are oppressed,

The shout of those who are subjects to racism, Discrimination and violence

Even from those who are meant to protect

Black is rising to claim it’s rights,

Black is rising to fight against systems and beliefs and mentalities

Which have normalized black being treated wrong What a time to witness that black is so strong

Black is beautiful, black is talented,

Black is creative, black is gifted,

Black is powerful, resilient it has become

Due to the adversity it has overcome

Despite all odd

I’m not going to tone down my personality,

Being black is a main trait which makes my identity

I’m going to be black, unapologetically

Proudly rocking my natural hair and wearing my African atire

That’s what I’m going to be

Black unashamedly celebrating my heritage, traditions and customs 

I’m ready to see

Dear all, here’s a constant reminder that Today, tomorrow and forever, we’ll still matter. Black lives matter.

Lbelle Paris

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  1. I am proud to be black.. Thank you Jenny.

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