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The Set Up review.

Adesua Etomi played the role of Chika in the most believable way possible. Ayoola Ayolola also delivered his role excellently, that balance between oblivious spoilt -rich kid yet strong sense of loyalty was well executed. The other casts – Dakore Egbuson, Joke Silva, Kehinde Bankole and Jim Iyke did good as well. Storytelling – The storytelling was great up to a point.

Niyi Akinmolayan did a great job directing this movie, we expect nothing less from him. However, all the efforts put into the storytelling is eventually threatened by the over-ambitious plot twists which is discussed further in the second part of this review.


Room for Improvement: Plot Twists – I am a big fan of plot twists, the feeling of not knowing what to expect can be exhilarating. But there is also such a thing as too many plot twists! While there were some surprises, the continuous spirals and turns in what to or not to believe takes the viewer from the best “mind trip” they could have had to an exhausted state. Plot Holes – There were some plot holes that couldn’t be ignored.

Agent Spencer? Why was she readily available at anyone’s beck and call? For someone with as much power as she appeared to have, she seemed to have no serious agenda but to let herself be used by whoever easily needed her at any point of the movie. Green Eyes? – Why was this not emphasized earlier on when we met Madame, I think we needed some explanation on how this rare occurrence was possible in an entirely Nigerian movie, it felt too convenient.

Verdict: Overall, it was a good watch, I dare say – one of the best Nollywood movies of 2019. It is definitely not a forgettable experience especially because of the painful myriad of plot twists. It would receive 4.1/5 stars from me.

Lbelle Paris

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  1. It’s a movie you can watch over and over again.

  2. The movie is really educative.

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