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Travel is medicine for the soul they say, so dear readers come with me on as we discover and explore Africa together each month!

When it comes to tourism, Africa is certainly one of my favorites; the rich history, undeniable beauty, and breath-taking nature and serenity.

Africa is the oldest inhabited continent on earth and home to the world’s greatest travel destinations. The continent is home to several beautiful beaches, lakes, wildlife, waterfalls, and mountains.  According to the UN, sub- Saharan Africa records the highest number of tourists in Africa and has a steady 3% increase annually. Unfortunately, tourism in Africa is still underrated. This is the reason why this travel segment will be exploring the amazing and hidden beauty in touring Africa, on a reasonable budget off course! 

Suffice to say, Africa is a continent rich in history and culture, there are indeed numerous destinations to explore. So, in this travel section of this magazine, we will be sharing travel hacks, tips, tricks and important “need to know” information ranging from visa applications, flights, and hotel discounts, etc. on visiting and touring Africa.

Look forward to our discoveries on each publication.


Kenya offers great desert safaris and very luxurious wildlife too. You can also enjoy the bustling urban life in Nairobi, the capital city which houses several shopping malls, cinemas, and nightclubs.


Lesotho has an array of mountains, lakes, parks, and reserves. It is perfect for nature lovers and those who particularly enjoy outdoor activities.


Ghana is popularly known for its varied wildlife, ports, and secluded beaches, it also houses several colonial buildings and castles-turned-museums that serve as a commemoration of the slave trade that the region was popular for. Tema, the industrial city and Accra the capital city are filled with lovely restaurants, hotels, and malls for your comfort. Also, you are advised to not leave Ghana without tasting the mouthwatering street foods.


After the genocide, this country has progressed wonderfully. Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, is the cleanest city in Africa, has a very vibrant nightlife and boasts of great tasting foods and beautiful art. You can also visit historic sites and experience Rwanda in many diverse ways. Fun fact; Rwanda is home to 6 active volcanoes and some of the best coffees in the world.


like a pearl in an ocean, the Reunion Island rests on the Indian Ocean. It offers hikers and swimmers a great experience while exploring and discovering its Creole culture which is an excellent blend of diverse cultures including African, Indian, French, British, Chinese, etc.

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