Who We Are

L’BELLE PARIS magazine is an Entertainment Magazine, that circles around entertainment and event such as weddings, birthday and lots more. It also includes columns on Entrepreneur, Relationship and information technology.

The first edition will be released in July 2018.

L’BELLE Paris was born in PARIS, FRANCE, after its conceptualization by the
Publisher, AJAYI SEGUN GIDEON, a Professional and experienced tourism/Education consultant and photography expert, who was driven by passion for entertainment and style. He is also the Lead Consultant of GiacomResource (and its subsidiaries). Giacom Resource and Giacom Consults provide professional services in Tourism, Education and Photography. The Giacom Company has their headquarters in Paris, and network in Nigeria.

L’BELLE PARIS’s main focus which is still her core value today is the promotion of clean quality entertainment.

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The first package will be uniquely different, breezy and upscale. The edition
will show the high standard and lofty dreams of the Publisher and the Directors who help to fuel his dream. Year after year, cover after cover, the magazine plans to discover and celebrate icons all over the world.

Energized by the fact that there are so many negatives news globally that increases the victims of depression, the L’BELLE PARIS team believes that there is need for a conscious redirection of entertainment and style news to lighten the moods of the readers. They are sure that this will ultimately lead to a paradigm shift, a shift that will give every citizens of the world a different perspective that will certainly promote sound minds and clean quality entertainment.

L’BELLE PARIS is 100 percent global.


To become a leading Global Media company with great reputation in the
provision of quality services.


With intelligence meeting professionalism, we seek to aid in the promotion of
the bright size of the down trodden, and also use our network of the affluent
to aid the net worth of the less privileged.
Furthermore, we will always celebrate icons and stars globally, particularly
from Africa to help in inspiring the younger generation.
The above will be achieved via our Media Outfits and Educational consulting

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